July 5, 2019

City Council Considering Posssible New Park for Agoura Hills, South of the Freeway*

"As part of its storm water treatment responsibilities, the City is proposing to construct a visionary new public park by covering the concrete flood channel located between Cornell Road and the Whizin Market Square driveway. Water collected and cleaned at the treatment plant would be used to irrigate landscaping within the park and street medians.

With design set to begin in mid-August, the City is seeking input from the community on the types of amenities people would like to see. A series of workshops are scheduled."

*Above picture and story provided by Council Member Deborah Klein Lopez in her July newsletter.

June 26, 2019

Golden Eagles Chicks Found In The Santa Monica Mountains — The First In 30 Years

The National Park Service announced today that two golden eagle chicks were found in a nest in the Santa Monica Mountains. The male and female chick were the first found in the Santa Monica Mountains since the late 1980s. The 12 week old eaglets have been banded so they may be further studied by the NPS biologists. For more photos and the complete story, go to LAist, a website about Los Angeles, or click HERE.

May 19, 2019

Kanan/Agoura Road Intersection On City Agenda

On Wednesday night, May 22, the Agoura Hills City Council will consider several design aspects of the Kanan / Agoura Road intersection, the Cornell/Kanan Road intersection and nearby Agoura Village signs and monuments. If you are interested in what will be done on Kanan and Agoura Road, we urge you to attend the meeting at city hall.

So there is no confusion, this IS the project that requires the transplanting or removal of the 2 heritage Oak trees in front of Islands/Ladyface. It also proposes a right turn only lane when heading east on Agoura Road, then south on Kanan which requires removal of additional oak trees. The Council would like to hear from you whether by email or in person on Wednesday night, 6:00 pm at City Hall. Written comments may be sent to Kimberly Rodrigues at krodrigues@ci.agoura-hills.ca.us.

The agenda and copies of the staff report are available on the City's website:

Or you may use the following links to see the staff reports and drawings of the proposed designs: