April 7, 2015

Deadline Approaches for Water Conservation Incentives

Up through June 30, rebates for water-saving devices are available for LVMWD residential customers through the SoCal Water$mart program.  Take advantage of these opportunities to upgrade your home, reduce water use and save money with rebates.

·         “Mow No Mow” Lawn Replacement Program ($2 per square foot; front and back yards qualify.)  Water-efficient “California Friendly” plants require far less water than traditional varieties.  Las Virgenes Municipal Water District offers a free catalog of water-efficient plants which is also available online at www.LVMWD.com

  • Rebates for qualifying High Efficiency Toilets ($100)

  • Rebates for qualifying High Efficiency Clothes Washers ($85)

·         Weather-Based Irrigation Controller ($80 rebate).  Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers automatically adjust the amount of water applied based on the time of year and prevailing weather conditions. Some models include a feature that automatically shuts down the system during rainy periods.
  • Rotating Sprinkler Heads ($4 rebate each, minimum 15 heads).  Newer rotating sprinkler heads put larger droplets in the irrigated area, reducing losses due to misting and evaporation.

  • Rain Barrels ($75 rebate, maximum four per home)

·         Soil Moisture Sensor System ($80 rebate).  Some existing irrigation timers can accommodate the addition of a “soil moisture sensor” that will prevent irrigation when the water available to plants is adequate.

It’s important to know rebate terms and conditions before you make a purchase, so please carefully read the information found at socalwatersmart.com

Rebates may take several weeks to process. For more information, contact the Las Virgenes MWD at (818) 251-2200.

As we watch our beautiful hills and open spaces already drying up, simple changes can make a difference.

·         Turn off water when brushing teeth or shaving.

·         Shorter showers save water and are far more efficient than a bath.

·         Check for leaks indoors and out, especially around irrigation valves.

·         Be sure garden hoses have trigger nozzles.

·         Take your car to a commercial car wash that recycles its water.

·         Save water from rinsing vegetables and use for watering plants.

·         If you have a landscape maintenance service, discuss the importance of saving water with them.