March 14, 2018

Underpass Part of Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing Now Completed

The underpass crossing at Liberty Canyon, funded by the Wildlife Conservation Board, has been completed, with Cal Trans fences relocated along the off ramps, restoration of a native stream bed and addition of native plants. Changes have been made with fencing and by naturalizing the underpass itself to direct and encourage wildlife, including mountain lions, to choose it as a safe crossing under the 101 freeway. This is the first phase of the overall plan to reduce wildlife killings on the freeway, the second being a naturalized bridge over the freeway which is in the planning stage with CalTrans, the City of Agoura Hills, and other partners.

We are concerned about new lights at the corner office building next to Liberty Canyon Rd and about 10 feet from the wildlife corridor and eastbound exit of the 101 at Liberty Canyon. The one shown below should probably be replaced with ground level LED lights that go off at 8 pm. These extra outdoor parking spaces encroached into a slope that was originally landscaped to be part of the corridor. The tuck under parking below the office bldg can have a recessed light in the roof that also has a timer or light sensor.