November 20, 2015

City Council Election Results

Mayor Illece Buckley Weber

City Council election results again reaffirm the value residents place on Agoura Hills’ identity as “Gateway to the Santa Monicas”

On November 3, Agoura Hills voters re-elected Mayor Illece Buckley Weber and elected Planning Commission Chair, Linda Northrup to our city council – both by wide margins.  
Since 1985, Agoura Hills voters have consistently supported a vision of our city that values its natural resources and unparalleled views. Voters have opted for a city that maintains a small town feel, welcoming projects that share those values, but holding the line against those that do not. Mayor Buckley Weber and Chair Northrup ran on proven voting records, and demonstrated through their actions a strong commitment to environmental protection and carefully planned growth, such as the Agoura Village Specific Plan. The Agoura Village Plan calls for low-key, pedestrian-oriented, “Gateway” style development at the foot of our beautiful Santa Monica Mountains. 

Councilmember-Elect Linda Northrup

As former Agoura Hills mayors, we extend our warmest congratulations to Mayor Buckley Weber and Councilmember-elect Northrup.  We want to recognize and thank them for their service, and for their commitment going forward to continuing the vision we share of Agoura Hills as a special place, surrounded by unspoiled hills and ridgelines, and protected public parkland.

The vote totals can be found on the City's web site, or click HERE.