October 28, 2014

Your Vote is Important

We are writing as eight former Agoura Hills mayors who have created AgouraHillsTomorrow.org. This is a community blog formed to share a little of our historical perspective on activities and decisions being made that impact our city, and as a place where residents can engage and share back their ideas on what the vision for Agoura Hills, tomorrow, should be.

With a General Election coming up in just days, however, we are reminded that in the 2013 City Council election, only 18% of residents who were registered to vote, actually did vote. It is concerning that 82% did not go to the polls, essentially giving away their vote to those very few people who came to the polls and voted..

The upcoming election will decide who will represent you in the Federal, state, and local government, and who will judge in our courts. Ballot propositions will determine issues related to water quality and storage, the rates you pay for health insurance, and whether Indian casino gaming will be allowed off-reservation, among others.

We hope you will make the time to study and inform yourself on the candidates and ballot measures, and that you will participate in this most important of obligations of citizenship. Please exercise your precious right to vote on Tuesday!

Information about statewide measures can be found on the Secretary of State's website at  http://www.voterguide.sos.ca.gov/


(Former Agoura Hills Mayors Ed Corridori, Jack Koenig, Dan Kuperberg, Darlene McBane, Fran Pavley, Jeff Reinhardt, Louise Rishoff, and Joan Yacovone.)