July 26, 2021

Wildlife Conservation Board to Consider Grant for Wildlife Crossing of 101 Freeway

 Los Angeles to build world's largest wildlife bridge across 10-lane freeway  | Environment | The Guardian

The California Wildlife Conservation Board will consider a $20 million grant for the Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing at its August 26 meeting. This grant will augment the $25 million grant already provided by the Wallis Annenberg Foundation. The grant appears as item #30 on the WCB Agenda as shown below:

 "30. Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Overpass Crossing, Augmentation $20,000,000 , Los Angeles County 

To consider the allocation for a grant to the National Wildlife Federation for a cooperative project with Caltrans, CDFW, the State Coastal Conservancy, the City Wildlife Conservation Board Meeting, August 26, 2021 of Agoura Hills, and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy to construct a wildlife crossing over U.S. Highway 101 to facilitate wildlife migration near Agoura Hills in Los Angeles County. [General Fund, Budget Act of 2021, Chapter 21."

To send a letter or email in support, send to:

Executive Director
John P. Donnelly

P.O. Box 944209
Sacramento, CA 94244-2090
(916) 445-0137
FAX: (916) 323-0280