January 14, 2015

Wildlife Crossing Grant Needs Support Letters

Because of the recent death of a mountain lion, in addition to deer, coyotes and other wildlife, trying unsuccessfully to cross the 101 freeway in the Liberty Canyon area of Agoura Hills, an exciting new wildlife freeway crossing is now being planned. The 101 freeway creates an impenetrable barrier for wildlife that is essentially trapped on one side of the freeway or the other, resulting in inbreeding and high animal mortality rates.

The attempted crossings on the freeway also create dangerous conflict between wildlife and high-speed traffic. We now have the opportunity to start a landmark project that will help connect an entire ecosystem from the Simi Hills on the north to the ocean, with a naturalized wildlife crossing of the freeway itself.

On Thursday, January 29, the State Coastal Conservancy will be acting on an application filed by the National Wildlife Federation for $1 million in voter-passed resource bond funds that will allow Caltrans to do the necessary initial project and design review.

The Coastal Conservancy takes community support for projects into serious consideration in deciding whether a grant will be approved.  
Please consider doing either, or both, of the following:
1) Send a simple email in support of the “Liberty Canyon Wildlife Overcrossing” to the State Coastal Conservancy at
druddock@scc.ca.gov and copy kara.seward@sen.ca.gov at Senator Pavley’s District Office. It must be received no later than Sunday, January 25.

2) The meeting will be held at Ventura City Hall, Council Chambers, 501 Poli Street, Ventura at 11:00 a.m., January 29. If you are able to attend and read your letter to the State Conservancy Board in person, that would be a powerful expression of support.

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Jackie M. said...

I support the Liberty Canyon wildlife corridor to enable the animals to get from one side of the 101 to the other.