April 7, 2015

Deadline Approaches for Water Conservation Incentives

Up through June 30, rebates for water-saving devices are available for LVMWD residential customers through the SoCal Water$mart program.  Take advantage of these opportunities to upgrade your home, reduce water use and save money with rebates.

·         “Mow No Mow” Lawn Replacement Program ($2 per square foot; front and back yards qualify.)  Water-efficient “California Friendly” plants require far less water than traditional varieties.  Las Virgenes Municipal Water District offers a free catalog of water-efficient plants which is also available online at www.LVMWD.com

  • Rebates for qualifying High Efficiency Toilets ($100)

  • Rebates for qualifying High Efficiency Clothes Washers ($85)

·         Weather-Based Irrigation Controller ($80 rebate).  Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers automatically adjust the amount of water applied based on the time of year and prevailing weather conditions. Some models include a feature that automatically shuts down the system during rainy periods.
  • Rotating Sprinkler Heads ($4 rebate each, minimum 15 heads).  Newer rotating sprinkler heads put larger droplets in the irrigated area, reducing losses due to misting and evaporation.

  • Rain Barrels ($75 rebate, maximum four per home)

·         Soil Moisture Sensor System ($80 rebate).  Some existing irrigation timers can accommodate the addition of a “soil moisture sensor” that will prevent irrigation when the water available to plants is adequate.

It’s important to know rebate terms and conditions before you make a purchase, so please carefully read the information found at socalwatersmart.com

Rebates may take several weeks to process. For more information, contact the Las Virgenes MWD at (818) 251-2200.

As we watch our beautiful hills and open spaces already drying up, simple changes can make a difference.

·         Turn off water when brushing teeth or shaving.

·         Shorter showers save water and are far more efficient than a bath.

·         Check for leaks indoors and out, especially around irrigation valves.

·         Be sure garden hoses have trigger nozzles.

·         Take your car to a commercial car wash that recycles its water.

·         Save water from rinsing vegetables and use for watering plants.

·         If you have a landscape maintenance service, discuss the importance of saving water with them.



Anonymous said...

I've found that irrigating my lawns between 10pm and 4am allows water to percolate into the soil and reduces evaporation.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous also says...

In most homes the hot water tank is located furthest from the shower . While showering waiting for the hot water to appear, let the cold water drain into a plastic bucket. The amount is from two to three gallons per shower. Use that water for watering plants, etc.

L.A. Brown said...

Dear Governor Brown,

If there is anyone in Sacramento who can explain to me why what I am about to suggest is not practical I would very much like to hear that explanation.

In the early 20th century, Southern California recognized that in order to grow and have sufficient water we would have to build an aqueduct and bring the water from where it was plentiful farther north. This plan has been extremely successful but ever burgeoning population growth has long since rendered existing infrastructure inadequate. WHY can we not expand on the original aqueduct idea and extend it further North to either Northern CA or even Oregon where they have more water than they know what to do with? I am not opposed to bullet trains but surely an aqueduct to provide water is the highest possible priority and I cannot imagine the expense being terribley different.

Sometimes it seems like our state performs like the proverbial family who cried every night at the dinner table because an axe was stuck in their kitchen ceiling and could fall on their heads, until one day someone decided to stand up and remove the axe. Problem solved. If there is any reason whatsoever that we could not work such a deal I would like to know what it is.


Larry Brown
(Liberal Democrat (wink wink)