July 19, 2017

Water District Targets Property for Pure Water Project

The Las Virgenes - Triunfo Joint Powers Authority (JPA), a partnership between the two local water districts, is seeking to acquire 7.1 acres on the south side of Agoura Road at the western end of the city for the Pure Water Project (PWP). The current owner of the property had sought to build over 100,000 square feet of three story senior apartments on the site. (See "Poles Tell 'Story' on Agoura Road," 8/23/16 on this blog.) The use for the PWP is expected to be more attractive with fewer environmental impacts. The LVMWD has a history of blending its projects into the surroundings and providing public access to hiking trails where possible. The Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club expressed support calling the project a "visionary proposal."  

The Pure Water Project will take surplus recycled water from the Tapia Water Reclamation Facility and further treat it to better than drinking water standards. After treatment, the water would then be stored at Las Virgenes Reservoir until needed, and before distribution, it would again be filtered and treated for use in the drinking water system.

Community Support

After nearly two years of study and community stakeholder workshops, the Las Virgenes - Triunfo Joint Powers Authority (JPA) agreed the Pure Water Project was the answer to several challenges:

· The service area is entirely reliant upon imported water. Another source is needed.
· Wastewater treatment standards have become increasingly stringent and costly.
· There are environmental concerns about discharging surplus water to Malibu Creek.
· The new Tapia operating permit requires a reduction in creek discharges and higher water quality.

Since setting the course to build a PWP, the Water District has conducted over 20 community awareness briefings to receptive audiences. If you would like a free presentation about the PWP for your HOA, service club or fraternal group, you can contact the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District to arrange a date.


Some of the needed infrastructure is already in place but new elements would include building an Advanced Water Treatment facility, a brine disposal pipeline and a new supply line to Las Virgenes Reservoir. It will take time to do the preparation work that includes design and engineering, environmental studies, and determining the best options for funding the project. Because of these factors, an operational facility is years away but some of these processes are already in motion.

Final costs are not yet known but the JPA is actively seeking federal and state assistance in the form of grants and low-cost loans. To date, $450,000 has been awarded by the federal Bureau of Reclamation offset some of the cost for constructing a demonstration facility. The facility will provide an opportunity for the public to see the technology behind the project before it is built full-scale.

To learn more about the Pure Water Project, go to http://www.lvmwd.com/about-us/joint-powers-authority/pure-water-project-las-virgenes-triunfo

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