January 18, 2018

What Are Those Things?

One of the unique features planned for Agoura Village was large stone monuments to denote the entries and let people know they were in a unique area.   But when our city council saw the design for the monuments and the plan for their placement within the Agoura Village area, they had a difficult time visualizing their actual appearance. Fortunately, Mayor Bill Koehler, then a council member, suggested the city erect story poles to help the council visualize the size and placement of the monuments. Those strange wood frames sprouting on the south side of the city are the result. Each structure represents the approximate size and placement of the monuments. Please drive by and consider them in relation to the mountains backdrop and then add your thoughts about size and placement. We will share all the comments we receive with the city.

1 comment:

L.A. Brown said...

What type of monument are these going to be?