May 22, 2018

Prop 68 Could Provide Significant Regional Benefits

Among the items the June 5 ballot asks voters to consider is Proposition 68 that would authorize bonds to fund parks, natural resources protection, climate adaptation, water quality and supply, and flood protection projects. 

Medea Creek Restoration Project is just one example
 of  previously-passed proposition funding at work.
There are several funding categories in this $4.1 billion bond that could provide benefits to Agoura Hills, nearby cities, unincorporated areas and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, including our watersheds, local, regional and state parks, and more.

If passed, funds would be available for habitat restoration, watersheds, water quality, and supplemental funding for projects such as  storm water capture programs,and local water supply projects. 
If Proposition 68 is approved, The Wildlife Conservation Board, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, Department of of Natural Resources and the Department of Fish and Wildlife will be able to make grants to fund eligible projects.  

If adopted, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Conservancy and the Wildlife Conservation Board would receive a new infusion of bond money to make additional grants and would have funding to acquire additional open space and to restore natural habitats. 

In its May 18 edition, The L.A. Times recommended a "yes" vote on Prop 68. Former State Senator and Agoura Hills Mayor Fran Pavley endorses the measure, along with the California Chamber of Commerce, the Metropolitan Water District as well as many environmental and civic organizations.

Details on Proposition 68 can be found in the state's Official Voter Information Guide, which was recently mailed to households with registered voters. 

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