September 6, 2020

Clean Power Alliance (CPA) to become Debt Free, will Provide Incentives for EV Chargers

In 2017, Los Angeles County loaned the Clean Power Alliance (CPA) $10M to launch its very first operations. Today, CPA serves more than 1 million customers across Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, including over 7,500 residences and 1,500 businesses in Agoura Hills.  CPA provides cleaner power at competitive rates, and a suite of customer programs. This month, CPA will be repaying that $10M loan and be debt-free. It’s an impressive return on investment on many levels and will be an asset to our communities for years to come.
Clean Power Alliance signs on for 60-MW solar, 152-MWh storage project in  California | News Break
This week CPA entered into contracts for two new, long-term solar and storage projects—a 300 MW solar project with 180 MW of storage in Tulare County and a 65 MW solar project with 25 MW of storage in Kern County. Together, the projects will cover approximately 8.5% of CPA’s overall demand. The 15-year contracts will help CPA meet its customers’ large renewable energy demand while lowering costs and creating over 1,000 new construction jobs. These two projects join the ten long-term renewable energy contracts that CPA’s Board has approved to date. Both projects are expected to be up and running by the end of 2023.
California has set a 100% renewable energy goal by 2045.

In other news, through the efforts of CPA, millions of dollars in incentives for publicly-available EV chargers will be coming in 2021 through the CalEVIP program, with particular set-asides for disadvantaged communities. This program will help clean our air and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Clean Power Alliance  is the largest of several Community Choice Aggregates in California and gives residents a cleaner, greener and cheaper choice of where their electricity comes from and the ability to move away from big investor-owned utilities to more sustainable options.  CPA is the locally-run electricity provider for Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. 

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