January 18, 2017

Interim Wildlife Crossing Measures Installed at Liberty Canyon

Cal Trans has begun the project to improve the existing Liberty Canyon underpass for wildlife movement. The project was funded two years ago with a $645,000 Wildlife Conservation Board grant. The new fencing being installed now by Caltrans was part of a significant match provided by the partners for that first grant, including donations by LA County supervisor district 3, MRCA and others.

Cal Trans is removing existing fencing and relocating new, higher fencing to guide animals to use the existing underpass at Liberty Canyon. After some of the existing fencing is removed, a wider path under the 101 and between the off-ramps and the office buildings will be completed and native vegetation restored. Caltrans is being very flexible in the field in making sure the fences start and stop in locations that maximize passage sight lines and area, while keeping them off the freeway.

Caltrans is also working internally to finalize the encroachment permits so that habitat restoration can be done within their right of ways in order to re-connect the north riparian area to the south, passing between the existing off-ramp and office complex.

This project was always considered an important interim step to protect wildlife until completion of fundraising and construction of the more ideal overpass over the 101 and Agoura Road.

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