March 26, 2020

City Restaurants Open for Take Out Dining

The following information is taken from the City of Agoura Hills Website. Click Here to See the Page on the City Website.

(List is subject to change without notice.)


 Restaurant Information

Pursuant to County and State orders, restaurants are required to close their doors to dine-in customers until further notice. Many restaurants in the City of Agoura Hills are still offering take-away and delivery options. The City urges residents to continue to make use of these options during what is a very difficult time for our community's restaurants. Please remember to use social distancing and proper health care practices when getting take-away or accepting deliveries.

Below is a list of restaurants in the City that are currently offering modified services such as take-away and delivery options or that have notified the City of their closures. This is not an exhaustive list.
  • The Latigo Kid Tel. (818) 889-1195 Take-Out and Delivery thru Grubhub
  • Jinky’s Café, Tel. 818-575-4216, Take-Out and Delivery thru Door Dash
  • Italia Deli, Tel. 818-991-4838, Take-Out
  • Wood Ranch BBQ, Tel. 818-597-8900, Take-Out and Delivery thru Door Dash
  • Lal Mirch Indian Restaurant, Tel. 818-532-7532, Take-Out
  • The Yard Thai Cuisine, Tel. 818-582-7272, Take-Out
  • Cuckoo Rooster, Tel. 818-851-9566, Take-Out
  • Uncle Af’s, Tel. 818-584-3556, Take-Out
  • Twisted Oak Tavern, Tel. 818-735-0091, Take-Out and Personal Delivery
  • Basta Restaurant, Tel. 818-865-2019, Open Wednesday thru Sunday, 10% off Orders; Take-Out and Delivery thru Door Dash
  • Szechuan Place, Tel. 818-597-8888, Take-Out
  • Plata Taqueria & Cantina, CLOSED
  • Wildflour Bakery & Café, Tel. 818-597-8774, Take-Out and Personal Delivery
  • Currying Flavors (Indian), Tel. 818-532-7108, Take-Out
  • Maral Cuisine (Persian/Iranian), Tel. 818-889-9495, Take-Out and Delivery
  • Urbane Café, Tel. 818-597-9000, Take-Out
  • Mandarin Lotus, CLOSED
  • Vincitore Italian Restaurant, Tel. 818-706-2200, Take-Out
  • Tavern 101 Grill & Tap House, Tel. 818-991-7227, Take-Out and Delivery thru Door Dash
  • Village Bakery & Café, Tel. 818-736-9898, Take-Out
  • Café Bizou, Tel. 818-991-9560, Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Take-Out
  • Agoura Famous Deli, Tel. 818-889-9113, Take-Out
  • Sushi & Wasabi (Japanese), Tel. 818-889-9334, Take-Out
  • Islands Restaurant, Tel. 818-879-8550, Take-Out and Delivery thru Door Dash.
  • Ma Dukes, Tel. 818-309-3919.  Open 11 – 8:30,  In addition to their pizza and salads, during these times, they are offering daily dinners for 2, with choices of salmon, steak and chicken; changing the sides and sauces daily.  These dinners are at an affordable price; and pre-orders can be made online thru their website, or by phone, with curbside pick-up offered.
  • Grassini’s Restaurant, Tel. 818-735-9711, Open 4 – 8 PM for Dinner Only.  Full menu offered.  Take-Out and Delivery thru Grub-Hub and Door Dash.
  • Hatch Café and Market, Tel. 818-575-9000; Open Tuesday – Friday 11:30 AM – 6 PM; Saturday and Sunday 10 AM – 6:00 PM.  
  • Pizza Nosh, Tel. 818-991-3000, Pizza and Sandwiches; Kosher; Open for Curbside Pick-up and Delivery thru Door Dash.  Open 12 – 7 – Sunday – Thursday; Until 2 PM on Friday; Closed Saturday.
  • Emil’s Bake House, Tel. 818-532-7663, Open Tuesday – Saturday 8 AM – 6 PM; Sunday 9 AM – 3 PM, breads, pastries, coffees, cakes.
  • Tifa Chocolate & Gelato, Tel. 818-879-0685, Open only Thursday – Sunday, Hours:  Noon – 8:00 PM; for Take-Out and Curbside Only.
  • Popped Fresh Gourmet Popcorn, Tel. 818-707-7200, Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10 AM – 6 PM; Sunday 11 AM – 3 PM
  •  Carrara Bakery, CLOSED"

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